Sunday, July 10, 2011

the party can now begin

After quite a while as a typical style-blog reader, nursing a number of girl crushes and soaking in the universe of incredible creativity out there, I’m finally making the leap.  This blog will be a chronicle of my adventures in personal style, focusing on:
  • Celebrating my vintage and thrift finds,
  • Dominating my current wardrobe by DIYing, restyling, and maximizing,
  • Making it all work on a petite frame,
  • Creating a real-life, well-edited, lower-waste closet, and
  • Expanding my fashion repertoire while staying true to my personal aesthetic (Possible?  We’ll see!)

I love the ongoing convo in the fashion blogosphere and am looking forward to becoming a a little part of it!


  1. Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you've joined the petite blogging community =) p.s. what happened to the post with the lace trip shorts? they were super cute!

  2. Thanks! I was having major noob posting problems, but the shorts post is back up. :)

  3. I like your style, now following!

  4. I'm loving your site and that you've only started 6 months ago now is inspiring! I've started a lifestyle blog, only in its very early days but please follow!