Thursday, July 14, 2011

diy: dress makeover

Hoping to a find a few ugly ducklings to feed to my sewing machine, I picked up this cotton frock at a local church thrift store:

I think the excessively crappy quality of the "before" photo really highlights the end result, no?

After taking up the hem, chopping the sleeves, and adding some fake epaulet-type straps, I ended up with a breezy minidress:

The straps on the sleeves are just pieces of the old belt, which I stitched to the inside of the sleeves and secured to the outside with a button:

The dress is still a bit loose, so I may take in the extra material around the waist for a more streamlined effect.  Overall, though, I'm liking this for bumming around the neighborhood.  In the summer, an easy cotton dress is just the perfect thing to throw on and go.


  1. I love this dress makeover! It looks a million times more flattering. Can't wait to see what your other DIY projects will be like! =)

  2. OMG that is awesome! You sewed that yourself, right? My mom bought me a sewing machine for christmas but I haven't used it yet.... too intimidating.

  3. Stylepint - thanks so much!

    Petite J.D. - I was super intimidated at first too, but after learning to do some simple alterations (saving $ on shortening pants = yay), I was hooked. :)

  4. Really good job ! You're so talented ! Nice to discover your blog !

  5. Your alterations are stunning. I wish I had that talent. I can barely thread a needle. Nice to see another blogger who's a lawyer. ;D Good luck with those 6 hours of CLE next week!