Sunday, August 28, 2011

just like starting over

In the last 2 nearly internet-free weeks, I've been completely consumed with preparing for a huge move.  I'm getting ready for a big-time career break, lifestyle overhaul, and, I'm sure, major culture shock.  Lots more on all of this later!

Wardrobe-wise, this move means that my closet has become...wait for it...cleaner!  Empty, to be precise.  All of my clothing, shoes, and accessories (together with my sewing machine and beloved Vitamix blender!) currently occupies 3 suitcases, 2 large and 1 small.  I'll be posting later on this newly pared-down wardrobe, but for now, here's a snapshot.  A while ago, anticipating this big move, I reduced my mountain of shoes -- in general, supremely crappy and ill-fitting -- to just 6 pairs, except for my workout shoes, snow boots, and around-the-house flip-flops.  Anyway, check it:

1. Dr. Scholl's platforms (seriously)
2. Coach basic black pumps (eBay)
3. Stuart Weitzman nude pumps (eBay, and not usually as smudgy as they appear here)

4. Cole Haan white loafers (hand-me-down from Mom)
5. Kork-Ease Deborah platforms
6. Dansko flat sandals (eBay)
This collection is by no means complete, but after a summer with just these shoes, I've found that they've met my current needs quite amply.  All are neutral, work nicely with my simple wardrobe, and are quite comfortable (you'll never hear me exclaiming, I could walk for miles in these heels!!!, because for me, that is totally ridiculous, but I gotta say that the heels I own are pretty tolerable).  I feel no need to limit myself to these 6 pairs, but when I do acquire others, I will do so thoughtfully and critically, with an eye towards longevity, versatility, and comfort.  On my wishlist: some canvas kicks and taupe ankle boots with a modest heel.  My footwear tendencies may warrant no points for originality, but hey.  They've been working for me.

Off to do a little last-minute packing and finally relax for a bit!  Hope you've had a great weekend and, especially my fellow East Coasters, have stayed safe and dry.


  1. I think I would like to borrow all of your fabulous shoes :)

  2. Great post! Love thenude pumps!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  3. You have a wonderful shoe collection! <3



  4. these are great... proof that you really only need the basics! i love the kork-ease platforms.

  5. for real!? 6 pairs? wow!! but you've got a good shoe collection here!

    love the nude pumps!

  6. Wow! Way to go with your cleaner closet! I'm still trying to pare down my closet too...less is more! =)

  7. you made great choices!
    I know what you mean about having to clean out your closet - I also just moved a far way from home, and had to condense my life in a large suitcase and a carry-on.


    jo from

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  9. these shoes look stylish AND comfortable. Love the kork ease sandals

  10. All of these shoes are amazing and look so comfy!

  11. super fab post! x

  12. I have wanted to do this to my shoe collection for aaaaages. Really, no one need 20 pairs of shoes!

    xx S

    Le Fanciulle

  13. I've been on the hunt for nude shoes, wedges and heels in particular. I love your Stuart Weitzman pumps and Kork-Ease wedges. Kork-Ease shoes are not readily available in the UK. Are both pairs comfortable? How's the fit?

  14. @ Chocolate, Cookies, & Candies - the pumps, like many patent shoes, are still kind of inflexible, and I haven't had the opportunity to wear them enough to actually get them to mold to my feet. The Kork-Ease shoes are great...the only thing is that the sole has a slightly lifted toe, which makes walking on uneven ground feel a little treacherous. Otherwise, they're marvelous and comfy.