Friday, January 6, 2012

diy: metallic triangles

On a recent thrifting run, I spotted this fitted, metallic gold/black crewneck top, which is so not me:

Though I'm pretty sure that many fashion bloggers would make it look fly, this particular piece was clearly not headed for this girl's closet.  However, I knew that it would make a good raw material for something else, and I had a comfy but soporific black sweater in need of updating.  Thus, this easy and sewing machine-optional revamp:


- Sweater, sweatshirt, or whatever top you want to use as the main garment
- Fabric - here, another top
- Sewing machine or needle/thread
- Fabric glue (optional)


1. Cut out 2 triangles from your fabric, leaving an extra 1/2" as an allowance on each diagonal side.  If you're cutting the triangles from a top, the side seam should run down the center of each triangle.  My triangles measured 13.5" (sides) x 15" (base) x 11.5" (height).
2. Along the sides of each triangle, fold down the extra 1/2" allowance towards the underside of the fabric.  Press.  Because the fabric I was using was synthetic and difficult to press effectively, I used fabric glue to secure the allowance.
3. Arrange each triangle so that the middle is aligned with the side seams of the main garment - this is easy to do if you cut the triangles out of another top, since you can just match up the side seams of the main garment and triangles.  
4. Hand- or machine-stitch the triangles in place.  Again, I attached the triangles to the sweatshirt using just a bit of fabric glue to keep everything tidy before sewing.  

Easy projects like these, using thrifted pieces and/or pieces from your current wardrobe, are so damn satisfying!  I'm an addict for sure.


  1. I just found your blog today, and am really enjoying reading through it!

    I like the idea of revamping the sweater. I like the original look, but agree with you that perhaps other fashion bloggers would figure out a great combination with it. Your version looks like something I would find at Barney's Co-op, and looks like a great project. Plus, no one would have it! :)


  2. I love your DIY's, and I can't wait to try the leather collar.

  3. Such amazing DIYs. Love the blog.

    New follower x

  4. Your revamp is perfect. Just the right tough of sparkle.

  5. nice look !

  6. love it :)

  7. I've just gone through your entire blog and am blown away by your talent. You have a knack for taking something rather ordinary and turning it into a thing of beauty. I can't sew a stitch to save my life but I can take a few of these ideas to my tailor.

  8. What a great idea. I love the pop of detailing!

  9. Great taste and style! check out mine and share your comments please!

  10. What a wonderful DIY, really a great idea!


  11. great photos. love the sweater
    Hope you had a great New Year!

  12. Impressive! I love the new sweater. I'm really into subtle ways of incorporating geos and shine!

  13. great i dea i think i might try this too:)


  14. this is one amazing D.I.Y! if i owe this sweater, it'd be my favourite piece of clothing. way to go, girl!

    had a browse around in your blog and loving it big time. following now


  15. Ok, so you may be my newest favorite blog!! You have such great ideas!!

  16. Goodness, Val, you really are creative!
    Thanks for your comment. I'm still trying to get my hand on mix n matching, a little diy here and there, but not in your class, girl!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  17. I just found your blog today and it's so fantastic! I'm hoping to try some of your DIYs soon(: Keep up the great work.